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You need to sell your Chattanooga house fast right?  If you searched  “selling my house fast in Chattanooga“… you’re at the right place!

These tips will point you in a better direction or at least give you a better idea of the potential options that you have. 

[NOTE: Most important – if you really need to sell fast, consider the option of selling for cash offer to a qualified local investor like LVL Home Solutions

Selling My House Fast in Chattanooga – Your Options

Lately the financing world has been really screwy. Lenders change program requirements at the last minute – and for normal purchasers, that could delay your sale. We’ve had lenders change program requirements on us at the last moment and it’s a terrible feeling. Just when you think everything will go through, you get the rug pulled out under from you. 

Keep in mind that ANYONE can write a cash offer, even if they’re borrowing money to purchase the property.  So when you’re selling a house through a real estate agent to an end buyer… be prepared that if the buyers financing falls through… you’ll have to start the sale process all over again… adding more months to the process, more holding costs you have to pay for, and more.

To avoid having the buyer pull out at the last second because of financing… one option is to sell your house to a local investment firm like us.

Often, qualified investors have access to multiple lines of credit with public and private lenders that is secured by other assets.

That means we can close quickly and we don’t have to wait for a bank loan to come through. You get your sale done and cash in hand quickly. 

You’ll have to do some due diligence to make sure you’re dealing with a qualified local investor. Qualified investors will have no problem providing you access to bankers and references who can verify the investor’s ability to close on the loan. Ask about what work the investor has done and how many clients they’ve worked for. The company’s/individual’s age is not particularly indicative of the quality of their work and how fast they could sell your house quickly. What is more important is the volume of work they have done, if any reputable related companies know of them and if they have good reviews on the internet.  Message a variety of investors or companies and see who would be best to work with you! We may not be the best fit for you and that’s okay – our job is to help you decide what’s best for you.

We’re not here to hassle and coerce you into selling your house. You may have encountered other companies or individuals that are pushing hard for you to sell – those people do not have your best interest in mind. At [company_name], we try to get to know you, your situation, and provide options. Our team members have seen firsthand how working with a bad cash buyer can really mess things up. We can definitely help you sell your house quickly if you would like, but we can also point you in a better direction and provide resources so that you can take a step in the right direction.

For example, if you are in foreclosure – work with a company or individual that knows what they’re talking about or are willing to go discover the answer for you.  Selling your house quickly without a foreclosure versus being in a foreclosure are two totally different processes. LVL Home Solutions can help you sell your house quickly in either scenario because we’ve worked with so many clients in a variety of situations. 

If you’ve taken a cash offer with an earnest money deposit, you might be entitled to keep the deposit if the buyer can’t close on the purchase. This earnest money ensures that if the buyer doesn’t close you have some small compensation for your efforts and time. Cash offers will always come in below what the market might be. Why? Because cash is king and it can move the fastest. If you want to sell your house quickly you’re most likely going to sell to a cash buyer. What you are paying for is the speed and convenience associated with the cash buyer as opposed to a traditional home buyer


But how do you get cash offers fast?

You can get a fair cash offer from us actually today.  We’re buying properties in the Chattanooga, TN area,  and we really like to buy Chattanooga houses. We either hold them as rentals for ourselves or we’ll repair / remodel the house if it needs it and sell it to someone who loves the house. We like to remodel the house because it allows us to create work for our team and also breathes new life into a property that a family can enjoy!

If your local Chattanooga property qualifies, we can buy your house fast.

Another option is to sell the house yourself. You would just post on FB groups and try to list yourself. Often times this is incredibly time consuming and stressful. We have had clients that tried to do sell it themselves but weren’t successful simply because they were extremely busy. Posting on FB to get cash offers fast means you need to be familiar with how much your house would sell for. If you don’t know how much your home would sell for and don’t want to talk to people – just post on FB and see if anyone bites. If they don’t bite – it probably isn’t enticing enough for investors. Furthermore, in order to sell your house quickly, you should run ads and place signs (as long as it’s legal). 

In order to sell your house quickly, you need to be on top of your game and know what you’re talking about. The amount of work to do it by yourself is tremendous – especially if you’ve never done it by yourself. Asking experts such as [company_name] will save you time and money. The most important thing we would save is your time. Time is the most important resource since it is the most finite one. 

If you are interested in selling your house quickly and our process, watch the video below. 

Why [company_name]?

We care that our clients are satisfied with our service. Furthermore, we invest back into the community. [company_name] invests into 501(c)(3) organizations that we believe in. The more business we do, the more we donate to these incredible organizations. We believe in the long-term success of the Chattanooga area and want to contribute to making the city better. It isn’t just about doing business. It’s about paying it forward in every way that we can.

A key feature of our business is that we hire veterans or individuals that understand what life is like for veterans and military personnel. As a company comprised of veterans and active-duty military we pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard. We take care of people as best as we can and you have our commitment to helping you in the best way that we can. To be honest, we don’t care if you sell your Chattanooga house quickly to us – we just want to do the best work we can and provide quality work and options. We look forward to helping you!

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